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"John Travolta and Al Pacino have signed on for Fiore Films


written by Leo Rossi based on
the story by John Gotti, Jr. "

The TRAVEL CHANNEL has picked up Eastman-Rossi Productions original reality series titled:

Starring hotel expert: ANTHONY MELCHIORRI

Competition is fierce in the hotel business. 
One bad review on an online site like Trip Advisor can kill a business’ reputation.

So what’s a struggling hotel owner to do?

Hire Anthony Melchiorri, one of the most sought after hotel “fixers” in the country.   
His no-nonsense approach can turn any establishment around in weeks...
and he plans to do just that in “Hotel Impossible.”

Each episode features a hotel fighting for its life! Coming soon to the Travel Channel!!

In Development

RED, RIGHT, RETURN (feature film)
Written by: Leo Rossi
Lynn Eastman-Rossi
James Quattrochi

What happens when all of a man's dreams come true? In this case it began his descent into hell. Born with an innate charm and understanding the hustle of the streets, He became a super star on Wall Street by the age of 19. A personal tragedy transformed this man's rise from the ashes, to become the savior to thousands of children in the cancer ward at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC. This true story of a man regaining his soul is a shockingly revealing and wonderfully inspirational. 

THE UPSET (feature film)
Executive Producers: Eastman-Rossi Productions
Written by: Steve Kwasnik

An emotional account of the 1985 Villanova Wildcat Basketball team's journey through March Madness. Their final game upset of #1 ranked Georgetown University and
its star Patrick Ewing is a true David vs Goliath story.

FAIRY HIDEAWAY (feature film)
Eastman-Rossi Productions
Executive Producers: Leo Rossi
Lynn Eastman-Rossi

This fairy tale adventure takes us to a forest deep in the English countryside, where two sisters accidentally find themselves in the middle of a war between the darkness and the light. The fairies that live there are desperately trying to stop this sudden attack. With a host of colorful characters, breathtaking locations and plenty of action, this is a family movie that everyone will enjoy.

WHITE BIRD (feature film)
Eastman-Rossi Productions
Written by: Leo Rossi
Lynn Eastman-Rossi
Avi Upakoshal

Kismet is one of the themes for this love story that takes us from the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia, PA (the city of brotherly love) to the gritty streets of Agra, India (the home of the Taj Mahal).When Kathryn Fitzgerald, s resourceful Philadelphia surgeon, runs away from a philandering husband, she is drawn to  the mecca of spirituality, India. She meets an Indian engineer who is the target of the infamous "Cobra",because of his top secret work at the Taj Mahal. This contemporary drama hits the pulse of current events.

Eastman-Rossi Productions
James Quattrochi – Producer
Written by Edward Cleplinski and Lorin McCraley

Live action caper movie involving a young German Shephard named Paulie whose dream is to become a Police Dog. Unfortunately Paulie’s family is in the ‘Mob’ and wants him to follow in their ‘paw’ prints.

THE WAY SHE MOVES (feature film)
Eastman-Rossi Productions
Written by: Scott Dorel
Scott Savage

A teen comedy following a young, gifted, quirky pet psychic whose curiosity gets him involved in a murder, a romance and a barrel of laughs.

Treatment written by: Lynn Eastman-Rossi
based on the book by: Patricia Hetherington

Patricia is in the midst of a challenging mid-life transition. No longer a 'head-turner and about to be divorced, she struggles with changes that have come at her like a winter storm. The life she is living is no longer livable and starting over at her age seems overwhelming. She finds herself alone, vulnerable and scared about her future. Desperate for direction she plants seeds for a new career and personal life. Making mistakes is part of her journey and things get dangerous when she ignores her intuition. Once clear, she gains courage, to follow her destiny and recreate her life, flourishing in ways she never imagined. Instead of being broken down, she is broken open into a deeply meaningful life. She is "The Winter Gardener".



Eastman-Rossi Productions
Joe Pistone – Producer

A truly fresh concept for a ‘who done it’ crime drama set in the international art world.

WESTCHESTER – Hour long drama
Eastman-Rossi Productions
James Quattrochi - Producer
Written by Don Capria

Westchester’ is a coming of age, drama about the complexity of friendships, family, love and the conquest of the American Dream.
The main characters revolve around the life of Twin, a young Jewish, impresario in the hip-hop and hard rock music business.

THE FLYING UNDER SQUAD – Hour long drama
Eastman-Rossi Productions
Created by Joe Pistone
James Quattrochi – Producer

The first female undercover unit created and established for the FBI, by Joe Pistone, the most highly decorated undercover FBI agent in history.


We are currently pitching a broad assortment of Reality Shows to the various networks and cable channels.